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EAOW 藝藥 - Ist Kommt (LG004 Cassette)


Released 2/5/16.

EAOW announce themselves to the world with Ist Kommt. The trio patch modular synthesizers into pop matrixes, and then spray everything with corrosive surf guitar. EAOW’s music exists according to its own logic, spiraling arpeggios swirling for minutes before a chorus arrives in the last seconds of a song. Spindly guitar and hand-trigged synthetic drums fold into each other to create chewy, addictive moments that surface only once. Crooned lyrics explain that systems that create the music, or just declare that “nothing is special.” The best comparison might be a dusty old tape with one perfect synth pop song surrounded by howling noise, but EAOW fuse the bleak and the bright, noise and order, into every single song. Pulsate, pulsate.

EAOW 藝藥透過 Ist Kommt 向世界宣告他們的到來。這個三人組用合成器錯綜複雜的線路編織出流行金曲,再用衝浪吉他上了一層銹蝕般的復古色彩。EAOW的音樂有自己的邏輯,在不斷攀升的琶音飛馳數分鐘後,才迎來短短數秒的副歌讓歌曲劃下句點。紡紗般綿密的吉他與手敲的電子鼓組成一瞬即逝的甜美片刻。'Nothing is special,萬物皆然',他們低哼出的歌詞彷彿在詮釋、宣揚這套音樂背後的理念系統。如果要給他們的音樂一個譬諭,我想大概是一捲老錄音帶中的一首合成器金曲,包裹在大片的噪音之下,EAOW 將荒涼與明亮、噪音與秩序混為一體,像心跳般起伏搏動。Pulsate, pulsate。

Black cassette tape in case.


Side A
1 Something Else
2 Balances
3 Industrialize Me

Side B
4 Slowgem
5 Origin
6 Nothing is Special


From: EAOW
To: People

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Jon Du
Recorded at 435studio