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落差草原 WWWWW - 霧海 Wu​-​Hai (LG006 Cassette)

$10.00 / Sold Out

Released 8/12/16

落差草原 WWWW re-emerge from the mist with Wu-Hai. The music alternates from the “Shapeless Beast” of the opening track — eerie swamps constructed out of buzzing synthetic tones and mysterious scrapes and scratches — to the strident, captivating rhythms of “Moon” and “Eyewood.” Drums, hand percussion, and bass coalesce into a groove that moves slowly but deliberately, absorbing everything in its path. Call-and-response guitar lines, fluid solos on the verge of feedback, and chanted vocals bring to mind the best of non-Western psychedelia. On the closing title track, as the drums rattle your chest and a simple ascending melody sounds out in the distance, you’ll begin to see what 落差草原 WWWW see.

挾著專輯「霧海」迎面襲來,落差草原 WWWW 再次從迷霧中顯現其身影。開場曲「沒有形狀的獸」是震耳的合成音效與神秘聲響繪成的瑰異沼澤,承接而起的「月亮」與「眼林」又隨即以巨大到惑人的節奏,將所有事物不容分說地吸入鼓具、 打擊樂器和貝斯編織而成的脈動。彼此對話的吉他、彈在反饋邊界點的 solo,以及禱念般的吟唱,擷取出非西方世界迷幻樂最深刻的元素。當最後的專輯同名曲目「霧海」開始敲擊你的胸膛,遠方傳來不停攀升的旋律,你會看到落差草原 WWWW 看到的風景。

Limited 150 run cassette with download code.


Side A:
1. 沒有形狀的獸 Shapeless Beast
2. 月亮 Moon
3. 眼林 Eyewood

Side B:
1. 冷夢 Callous
2. 霧海 Wu-Hai

All songs by 落差草原 WWWW

Recorded/Produced by JON DU at LAI SHI-CHAO STUDIOS
Mixed by JON DU & 落差草原 WWWW
Artwork & Design by YI-ZHI HU